John Deere TRS21 Snowblower stalls...


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John Deere TRS21 Snowblower stalls...

I've had excellent luck over the years, but this year I'm running into problems. We've had heavy snow in the past and the TRS21 has never stalled out. It slowed up while throwing the heavy stuff.

This year, it seems to run like "normal" for about 10 minutes and even moves the really heavy snow left by the plow trucks. After it gets warmed up, when it tackles heavy snow, it stalls out. I started it up again and tried throwing only a 10 inch strip of snow. It stalls out. After starting it up and trying even less snow, it stalls out again.

It seems as though the warmer the engine gets, less resistence is needed to stall out the engine. It's as though it has no torque. I can run it through a 10 inch wide 4 inch deep patch of snow and it will stall.

Any ideas on what the problem is?

Thanks for your input.
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When was the last time you changed the spark plug?
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A couple of ideas here:
1). As gpgixxer stated a new sprkplug.
2). Check for water in the gas. If you are running "E-10" water in gas can be expected more often than straight gas as ethanol attracts water.
3). Take the carb off, dissassemble it, soak it in carb cleaning solution, blow out every hole with compressed air, reassemble with new parts. Also, check the float to make sure it floats. Just drop it a bowl with a few inches of water in it.
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It is possible that the fuel cap is not venting properly. Try loosing the cap and see if that helps.

If not check spark when warm. If week spark problem with electrical system.
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Reply to suggestions.....

Thanks for the suggestions.

Before my original post, here's what happened:

I used old gas with a 40:1 mix instead of a 50:1 mix. It ran for a while with no problems. Once it acted up, I drained the old gas and put in fresh gas with a 50:1 mix. Things ran fine until the machine warmed up. Then there were problems.

I decided to compose my original post:

So, I can rule out "watered down gas".
I have not changed the spark plug in a VERY long time. I'll try that first and then it's on to the carburator.

Thanks for the input. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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