Honda EM5000SX will not start

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Honda EM5000SX will not start

First of all I have gotten a lot of good information on this site, but I am currently stuck! I have an EM5000SX generator that I can't get to start. I have replaced the spark plug, solenoid on the carb and the oil alert unit (the one in the controll pannell). I have also drained the gas completely and added fresh gas, and cleaned the carb. If I spray starting fluid in the carb it will run for no more than 2 seconds. The only thing I can think of is somehow it is not getting fuel or the oil alert sensor in the crank case. I saw a thread that said to unplug the yellow wire on the sensor and that will bypass the oil alert, I tried it with no luck. Any help is greatly appreaciated,
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Not a tech, but read this on another forum.

Unplug the wires that go to the oil shutdown on the engine and jump it with a wire. If it starts the oil sensor in the engine is bad. The poster that stated that said it is not worth the work or expense to replace it. Just check the oil before starting.

Just reread your thread. You must jump the connections for it to be bypassed.
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The oil sensor is not the problem here. The fact that it starts only with starting fluid tells me it is not getting gas. How did you clean the carburetor? I'd say it needs more cleaning or fuel is not getting to the carb in the first place.
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no start

Hi There!
Cheese is right on the money here, the fact that it will start on introduced fuel tells you that the ignition is fine. remove the carb, remove bowl, all circuits are fed thru the main jet it shares the bowl mount tube as a housing, remove the main and the emulsion tube above and clean with spray carb cleaner (it seems to be the only thing that dissolves fuel residue these days a tooth brush makes the job easier) there is an external idle speed screw, note it's position and remove it, right below is the idle orfice (pilot or low speed jet) remove it and clean it. NOTE there is no thru hole vertically
the orifice is cross drilled and connected to the fuel with a tiny vertical hole in the center at bottom only DO NOT poke anything in this hole the plastic orifice will deform and the engine will run rich, be careful of the tiny o-ring on the outer portion of the orifice it separates the fuel from the air so it cannot be damaged, a little WD 40 will aid in reinstallation. the idle orifice is difficult to clean, if it's stubborn replace it if you poke and prod most times it gets damaged, but it can be cleaned with care. once clean remount the carb being careful of the vacuum choke pull off they can be a little confusing and you should be away to the races. Oh one more thing, actually two be sure the float needle is free from the seat (not stuck from storage) and .... Turn the Fuel On before attempting to start. : ) hope this gets you going!
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I am going to try the carb again tommorow, I'll let you know.
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