Can I use regular car wash in hi-pressure wash?


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Can I use regular car wash in hi-pressure wash?

My kids bought me a 2500 psi high pressure washer system for Christmas. :-)

I bougth a gallon of 'high pressure cleaner for cars' at Lowes... but I'm wondering - can I use regular car wash cleaner (eg. Armorall) in it? Thinking if I figure out the ratios correctly, I could mix up a batch of it with water, and then add that to the hi-pressure washer tank, which will dilute it again.... not sure what the washer's ratio is though... doesn't say in the manual and I can't find it online. It's a TroyBilt 2500 psi with a Honda engine.
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I think it would be a trial and error type thing. But maybe you could figure it like the Lowes stuff at 1 gallon jug will do 100 washes and maybe the Armorall at 1 gallon jug will do 200 washes. Meaning the Armorall needs cut in half. Read both containers and see if it says.
Though as long as it is not too thick for the suction to pull through the washer I doubt it is potent enough to harm the car.
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should work just fine, does your's have the detergent siphon or a tank to add soap to?
I wouldn't dilute it to much untill you test it.

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Fluids designed for pressure washers don't suds for the most part, they are also very concentrated.

Hand washing ones suds up because people think you need 'foaming suds' or it's not cleaning, and those are designed to be used full strength.
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The washer has a 1 gal soap tank on it with an on/off valve. Reason I'm thinking if regular car washing stuff can be used is, I emptied the 1 gal HP wash stuff from Lowes into the soap tank... directions say to soap up the car... wait 4-5 mins, and then rinse. I did my Sienna, and I used about half the tank of soap! Maybe I did too much 'washing' with the soap on, vs. just spraying it on and moving to a new area. I then did our Highlander, doing the 'spray and move on' method... took a lot less detergent, but still I'm thinking I'll only get 4-5 washes per gallon of this stuff, whereas with the gallon jug of Armorall or others, I only squirt a few ounces into a 5 gal pail and use that when hand washing... so I get a LOT of washes out of that... yep, and plenty of suds...

I'll experiement with the ratios... and make sure it's liquid enough so it doesn't clog anything... :-)

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