Craftsman snowmoblower immobile


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Craftsman snowmoblower immobile

I have a craftsman model 536.886261 snowblower. I was using it today when engaging the self propell drive and it would not go. I heard no strange noises and nothing seemed a miss up to that point. I am trying to figure out before tearing into it what the most likely problem is, torn belt?
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That would be your drive belt, most likely.

Grab the pdf manual from:

Found! - Craftsman Snow Blower 536.886261

How To Remove
The Traction Drive Belt
If the snow thrower will not move forward,
check the traction drive belt for
wear or damage. If the traction drive
belt is worn or damaged, replace the
belt as follows.
plate is properly secured (see
Figure 23).
1. Disconnect the spark plug wire.
2. Remove the auger drive belt. See
"How To Remove The Auger Drive
Belt" in the Maintenance section. I
3. Remove the e-ring from one end of
the swing plate axle rod. Remove
the swing plate axle rod to allow
the the swing plate to pivot forward
(see Figure 22).
4. Remove the traction drive spring.
5. Remove the old traction drive belt
from the traction drive pulley and
from the engine pulley. Replace
the traction drive belt with an original
factory replacement belt available
from an authorized service
6. Install the new traction drive belt
onto the traction drive pulley and
onto engine pulley.
7. Make sure the traction drive idler
pulley is properly aligned with the
traction drive belt.
8. Attach the traction drive spring.
9. Install the swing plate axle rod and
secure with the e-ring removed
10. The bottom of the swing plate must
be positioned between the alignment
tabs. Make sure the swing
Alignment Tabs Figure 23
NOTE: If the drive will not engage
after the traction drive belt has
been replaced, then check to
make sure that the swing plate is
positioned between the alignment
11. Install and adjust the auger drive
belt. See "How To Remove The Auger
Drive Belt" in the Maintenance
12. Adjust the belt guide. See "How To
Adjust The Belt Guide" in the Maintenance
13. Install the bottom panel (see
Figure 21).
14. Tighten the bolts on each side of
the bottom panel.
15. Install the belt cover. Tighten
screw (see Figure 19).
16. Check the adjustment of the cables.
See "How To Check And Adjust The
Cables" in the Maintenance section.
17. Connect the spark plug wire.

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