Honda HS928 snowblower throttle lever problem


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Honda HS928 snowblower throttle lever problem

I have a Honda HS928 snowblower approximately 8 years old. All of a sudden, the throttle lever won't stay forward and springs back to the slow position on the choke panel. It makes it hard to start the snowblower since it has to be all the way forward. It also makes for lousy snow throwing since the RPMs are way down since it doesn't stay on the fast setting either. Not very handy with engines, so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Thanks
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I am not familiar with your blower but looking at the parts list for “CONTROL LEVER” and “CONTROL” you may be able to determine what is wrong. Your problem may likely be in this area.

Here is a link where you can look up parts for Honda equipment:
EMPARTweb Electronic Parts Catalog -- Version
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loose throttle

Hi, There
I believe from looking at the parts diagram there's a friction adjustment on the lever pivot, clean the pivot with WD 40 and once dry lube with a drop of motor oil or 3 in 1 the lever should operate smoothly then tighten the 10mm wrench size nut 1/8 turn at a time till you have enough friction to hold the lever in the choke position. that should do it. hope this helps

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