Diaphragm carb question


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Diaphragm carb question

I bought an old toro s200 real cheap thinking I could get it running.

The carb has been worked on before. It is the f type. ( I read there were 2 types of carbs on s200's F-type and non F-type)
The needle does not extend beyond the brass seat. It does make a good seal and allow flow when pushed up, however the diaphragm does not have the ability to push the needle. The diaphragm does have the typical raised circular metal disc on top of the larger circular metal disc, however it is too big to fit into the center hole of the needle seat.

Shouldn't the needle extend beyond the needle seat? It is pretty much level with the brass needle seat.

Could this be a case of someone trying to rebuild the carb with mismatched parts?

here is a photo
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: img0468de7.jpg

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I just worked on a 200s last month. And it looks like you have the wrong jet in there, the jet should be flush with the carb body then the pin will stick out above the jet.
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You will need a model number and serial number to find complete information for your thrower. One model number used for the S-200 snow thrower was 38120. From what I see the engine on these throwers was Tecumseh. From the looks of the carburetor photo it is a Tecumseh carburetor. The Tecumseh manual at the link below covers carburetors quite well.

You are in luck, in addition to manufacturing quality equipment Toro possibly provides the best technical support of any manufacturer. At the links below you can get a service manual and look at a parts list.



Tecumseh 2-cycle manual link:
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The needle should extend beyond the seat assembly.

The needle looks like the one in this illustration.

Carburetor Needle & Seat

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