Stilh Chainsaw Help.


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Stilh Chainsaw Help.

Hello, I'm new here. I have an old Stihl 010AV chain saw. Earlier I was out cutting down a few trees and all of a sudden it started bogging down when I was giving it throttle. If I let it sit and idle for a minute it'd pick back up and I could hold it wide open for about 5 seconds and it'd start bogging down again. It was snowing out so I'm not sure if I get some water in the gas or what. Any help would be appreciated.
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First, I would install a new spark plug as a defective spark plug can cause many misleading symptoms.

You should check compression to ensure all is OK on the combustion side.

Muffler may be clogged with carbon. Remove and clean the muffler to remove excess carbon. I use an acetylene torch to burn off the carbon. A propane torch should work also.

Air filter may be clogged. Clean as needed.

Fuel filter may be clogged. Replace filter.

Tank vent may be blocked. Clean as needed.

Carburetor may be the cause and needs cleaning and new diaphragms. Look on the carburetor for manufacturer and model number, e.g. Walbro WT-323B or ZAMA C1Q-S30C or Tillotson HS-275A. Post what carburetor model that is installed and I will post service manual, etc.

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