Tecumseh engine gas problem


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Question Tecumseh engine gas problem

I have MasterCraft Deluxe Snow King.
Model# 31AE643F515 Tecumseh 8HP engine.
I am having a gas priming problem. The engine starts up okay, runs for 2 -5 - 30 or even 60 minutes and then it sputters and stops.
I replaced the sparkplug, drain ****, gas cap and put in a clear fuel line.
I can see the gas in the line and then it gets an air bubble in it. I try priming and it is not priming the gas.
I have resorted to taking the gas cap off and blowing into the gas tank and pumping the primer to get the gas back in the line. This works, but not the real solution to the problem and eventually it stalls again.

Has anyone had this problem or knows how to fix it?

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take carb off clean it with carb cleaner and blow it out with compressed air . try to get a rebuid kit and replace gaskets and primer bulb. sound like you have dirt and an air leak. use premium fuel it also runs better in air cooled engines. check fuel tank for dirt
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First off a word about Tecumseh primers. They do NOT push gas. They push air into the carb float bowl to force gas into the carb throttle bore.
Make sure the gas line is not kinked anywhere. Most common places for kinks are where it goes into the carb and coming off the gas tank. These two areas can call for a 90* bend. The solution for the tank area is to install a 90* gas shut off.
And as Ironworker said, take the carb apart, soak it in carb cleaning solution for a couple hours, rinse it off with water, and blow out every hole with compressed air.
When you drain the gas to clean the carb, check the gas for water.

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