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Ariens Snow Thrower leaking gas

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Join Date: Dec 2008
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01-08-09, 09:30 PM   #1  
Ariens Snow Thrower leaking gas

I started up my Ariens snowblower today and it ran for about a minute. Then I noticed it was ot of gas. I filled it back up and notcied it was leaking out fast. there is a small hole on the left side of the carb that the gas was literly just pourin out of.

Below are the part #'s I got of the Snowblower.

Ariens snowblower 5hp briggs
004086 serial #

Carb #
Lauson power products
568 8h 4

HS50-67008b SR-8230A

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01-09-09, 04:21 AM   #2  
Your float has a hole in it and is filled with gas. new float PN# 632019. Could be debris under the inlet needle but if it is "pouring" out most likely float. remove and shake, if you hear gas inside, replace.

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01-09-09, 07:12 AM   #3  
You may have nothing more than a sticking or dragging inlet needle. Inlet needles will often drag, stick or not seat in the inlet needle cavity due to dirt or corrosion. This dragging, sticking or not seating will allow fuel to flow past the needle.

At the bottom of the inlet needle cavity, you will see a removable seat. The seat is made of a soft of plastic, normally you should replace it but you may get the leak fixed without replacing it.

Remove the float, spring/clip and inlet needle. Pay attention to how the spring/clip is installed and positioned, or refer to the manual when assembling. Use a cotton Q-tip saturated with metal polish and thoroughly clean and polish the needle, needle cavity and seat.

Install the inlet needle, spring/clip and float, etc. and check it out. If it continues to leak, replace the seat as shown in the manual.

Note: Look at the service manual and ensure the float spring/clip is installed correctly and float height is set correctly.

Here is a link for an engine service manual and a couple of links you may find helpful:

Tecumseh Carb Floods

SER FAQ: LMFAQ: Cleaning Craftsman (Tecumseh) carburetors

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Join Date: May 2010
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05-18-10, 05:14 PM   #4  
Ariens snow thrower different gas leaking problem

Hi, I have a different situation on my Ariens snow thrower on gas leak. I bought this new Ariens model 920400 in Oct 2009 and only used it twice in last winter. Few days ago, I prepare to change the oil, I want to run it for a while before draining old oil. So I pumped 3 to 4 pumps of gas before I start the engine; and then I noticed that gas leaking out from the edge of a bronze color device (I think is the carb) where the pump gas pipe linked to. It leak out quite seriously. I contacted the manufacturer and they said if I over prime it, gas will leak out and is normal and told me just not to prime it instead. But personal I do not agreed to this explanation as gas leaking can result any serious consequence. I think even I over prime any engine, the carb will only flood, but should not leak out.

I need opinion from experience guys like you who know small engine such as this. As I am scare to start this snow thrower again.

Thank you in advance.

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05-18-10, 08:51 PM   #5  
There right,, If you prime it too much, the fuel will run on the floor... Roger

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05-19-10, 05:36 AM   #6  
Hello Airman, thank you very much for your helpful info. Now I understand the problem. As I am not that technically handy; and this Ariens snow thrower is only 7 months new and is still under manufacturer's warranty, do you think this problem should be a warranty repair?
Unfortunately the Ariens's technical staff already saying (by email) that "gas leak if over prime" is normal for their Ariens, do you think they're willing to fix this for me; or is this "gas leak" situation has no safety issue?
Thanks for your comments.

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Join Date: May 2010
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05-19-10, 05:41 AM   #7  
Hello, I also have a Murray snow thrower which is 6 years old. No matter how I prime it, no gas will leak out. My friend has a Toro snow thrower, he also tested for me that no matter how he primes it, no gas will leak out. I don't now why this Arien's will have that problem.

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