Problem with Hydro on Scotts Deere L2048


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Problem with Hydro on Scotts Deere L2048


I have a Scotts John Deere 20hp / 48" cut, the model is a L2048. Has low hours on it. The engine starts but the hydro will not make it go at any speed. Could this be the clutch, the trans. or??

Thanks for any help!

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If you could post what model transaxle it has would help, it may be in the owners manual or under the seat. Have a good one. Geo
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Transaxle model

It is a Tuff Torq transaxle
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Part number on Transaxle

Just to follow up it is a Tuff Torq and seems to have a sticker with their part # K 46ac.

Thanks so much!
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After a limited search it seems it could be low on fluid per the folowing post i found. Have a good one. Geo
Seems that since the bore plug is not supposed to be a user servicable part, my John Deere dealer could not even find the part number in the parts system. Oh well, guess I'll be calling TuffTorq on Monday morning...

Just came in from finally pulling the transaxle on my L130 to attempt to overfill it with oil as has been suggested here. Just wanted to post a couple of observations.

First, thanks to steve d for the outstanding step by step directions. It really was as easy to take off as he said. Here's hoping getting it back on will be as easy...

Second, I managed to get the vent plug off without tearing it up by using one of those mini screwdrivers. I recall someone else on here was successful in doing the same with a similar tool. Once I got it off, I proceeded to add 7 oz. of 30 weight oil. Yes, the fluid appeared to be low. When I took the transmission off the tractor, there did seem to be some gunky, oily build-up on top of the unit, in the vicinity of the vent plug.

After adding the oil, I popped the vent plug back in and almost immediately saw a small pool of oil form on top of the OTHER rubber plug (the bore plug, the one that is partially under the fan blade). I wiped the oil away and it immediately re-appeared. I wiped it off again, and so on. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the bore plug was cracked. I suppose this is a result of being exposed to the high heat produced by the transmission for the 250 hours I have used it over the last 3 mowing seasons. I'm guessing that the oil has seeped out of the crack over time and was finally at a low enough level in the case to impact performance.

So tomorrow it's off to my local JD dealer to purchase part #M809062 for $3.59 so I can put this thing back together (JD Parts online says my dealer has it in stock). Thanks again for all the help, and I'll post re-install and use observations as soon as I can. It's very dry here, and the grass doesn't really need to be cut just now, but maybe by the first of the week.
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The first thing I would check is the drive belt, make sure it's on all the drive and idler pulleys and that it has tension and is turning the input pulley on the transaxle.
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In addition to the other suggestions, check the pulley and input shaft for looseness and to see if the pulley is turning when forward or rear motion is applied. The pulley is attached to the input shaft on top of the transaxle under the plastic fan. I have seen the input shafts and pulley stripped out and the shaft just spins in the pulley.

Although, the JD/Scott parts website does not list the input shaft is available if you were to need one.
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Also make sure the relief valve for pushing the mower is not engaged, and if a wheel has been removed recently, make sure the axle key didn't fall out or it will not move.

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