Hole in aluminum block - how to repair


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Hole in aluminum block - how to repair

i have a 10hp briggs aluminum block motor that has a hole the size of a marble from a thrown rod.. can i use an epoxy to cover the hole ? there is no stress just heat..
i also have some aluminum rod that i picked up somewhere that you heat up and "weld"/melt onto the broken surface -- i was thinking i could either epoxy a small patch over the hole or solder/weld a small piece of aluminum over the hole -- anyone done anything like this before? suggestion welcome -- thanks
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If there is room behind teh hole I would cut a small piece of metal and use some high temp silicone and use 4 pop rivets and just patch over it.

You could take it to a welding shop or try some of that aluminum brazing rod. I tried the brazing rob but never could get it to work right.

I would do the patch like I said at the top. I have 15 lawn mowers and do all sorts of stuff like that with no problems. I even did it on a 50hp diesel tractor engine. If you do the patch you could always put a pipe fitting on there for your oil return when you put a turbo on it.
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if you get the metal very clean with mild acid the epoxy will give you good service.

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I like "JB Weld" for this type of repair. If have had pretty good sucess patching otherwise good engine blocks and had them work for years with no related issues to the patch.

Best of Luck...
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if there's room inside the block you could run a bolt and nut through it with washers on both sides and epoxy over it. should seal well enough. a 1/4" bolt would do it.
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Get a carriage bolt, and put the head on the inside. You may have to file the corners off the square shank to fit the hole. Cut a rubber gasket or use sealer under the head. Put a washer and nut on the outside.


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