Craftsman Snowthrower won't start


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Red face Craftsman Snowthrower won't start

I have a:

Craftsman snow thrower
6.5 horse power
24" two stage wheel drive
Model #: 247.888160

that will not run. I am fairly certain it is a fuel problem. I changed spark plug and still woldn't start. This has an electric
start, which turns over the engine, but doesn't start.

This unit has set for two years without being started. The gas was not drained, but there wasn't much in the tank. I placed fresh fuel in the tank before attempting to start.

I placed some gas in the spark plug chamber and it started until the fuel had been used up in the SP chamber. I tried this several times with the same outcome.

I removed the covers surrounding the carburator and removed a small black rubber tube, thinking it is the feed from the gas tank. Nothing came out. There is a larger tube running out from the bottom of the gas tank. Can't see exactly where it goes.

My guess is clogged fuel line somewhere. I am not that mechanically inclined, however I, don't mind attempting smaller, fairly simple jobs, but taking the engine apart would not be a project that I would be prone to do.

Might this be a simple fix, or should I call a repair person?

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It sat for 2 years. You put gas down the spark plug hole and it ran. Your carb needs to be taken apart & cleaned. The gas that was left in the carb for 2 years has turned to varnish and has clogged up all the holes in the carb.
The small black tube will have no gas in it as that is the primer. This tube just pushes air into the carb bowl forcing gas into the throat of the carb for easy starting.
The larger tube is the main feed from the gas tank to the carb.
The repair can be simple for those who are mechanically inclined and who take their time.
Since you said you are not, I would call the repair shop.
Kit runs about $20. I was getting $45 for labor to clean a carb.
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Thanks for the insight. I was kinda thinking but wanted the opinion of a professional.

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