Homelite super2 automatic oiling chainsaw issues.


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Homelite super2 automatic oiling chainsaw issues.

So i recieved this chainsaw from a relative for free...I recently
tried to get it running using new fuel, it would fire up but as soon as i give it some throttle it bogs out and dies.I noticed it seems to be leaking some fuel from a black metal piece on the side of the chainsaw that has a nut or bolt in the middle of the particular piece.When i finally did get it to fire up the final time, a buddy was watching and quickly told me to shut it down because he seen flames inside this black almost square shaped thingy where the fuel seemed to leak from.Yeah im a noob what can i say....Can anyone tell me why all this is happening and if there is an easy fix?
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May be some excess fuel build up in the muffler that ignited??

Carburetor may have stiff diaphragms, may need a rebuild kit installed in the carb.

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