mac 3200


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mac 3200

i have a mac 3200 chainsaw that ive replaced the fuel lines on recently, but im not sure that i have them routed correctly. does the line from the tank with the filter on it go to the carb{fuel pump side} or to the prime bulb first , or to the carb {metering side} . i know to look before taking them off but they were all deteriorated and fell apart. i think the saw was made between 95 to 98. it has the prime bulb mounted on the housing so there are 3 lines. it has a new carb kit.
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The fuel line from the tank with the filter goes to the fuel pump side of the carburetor, the line from the metering side of the carb. goes to the inlet (suction) side of the primer bulb, then the output from the primer returns back to the fuel tank.

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