Ground terminal (engine kill) on Tecumseh 11 HP


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Ground terminal (engine kill) on Tecumseh 11 HP

Hello all,
Hello Cheese,
The ground terminal (the white plastic part in the pics below) for the engine kill of my Toro Snowthrower with the Tecumseh 11HP engine broke. The terminal corroded off right where the wires attach. The terminal appears to attach to the throttle lever bracket with two plastic 'rivets' that are integral to the terminal housing. Does the plastic part simply pry off the bracket? I did try gently prying but the bracket began the bend so I stopped.

Also I believe this to be Tecumseh part number 610973. If you know how this part comes off please let me know.


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It comes off through the back, remove the throttle control from the engine and push the 2 plastic tabs on the top and bottom and it will pop out, with some creative soldering you could probably fix it.
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I did figure it out. I found an exploded view of the engine online and verified that the grounding terminal is Tecumseh part number 610973. I called a local power equipment dealer and they had one in stock ($3.42 including MA tax):

You can see the 'barbs' on the pegs that hold it to the bracket. Thats why I had trouble getting the old one off (I cut the barbs a bit with a utility knife blade):

You can now see the holes in the bracket that the terminal snaps into (I did not have to remove any linkage:

The wires to the existing ternminal were factory crimped to it so I had to cut off the old connection and crimp on a new lug that attaches to the new terminal:

I hope this helps anyone else that has this problem. BTW if you live in eastern/central MA the dealer I use is Shepherd in Townsend MA. They are great as they have helped me in the past with parts for my 11 year old Sears lawn tractor. I called them to see if they had the part I needed and they physically checked that they did before I drove up there. And while I was there I noticed that many of the new snowthrowers they had on the floor had Tecumseh engines and the same exact kill terminal.


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