tecumseh won't say running


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tecumseh won't say running

hey hope someone can shed some light on a problem I am having with my tractor/blower...not sure the engine size...I can get it started but it wont stay running unless I hold my hand over carburator and feather it to let air into it...If I remove my hand away from it it dies and I have to hold my hand over it with the choke on to start it...any ideas?...it also has a fuel pump...

model and serial #'s

SER 7012E

fuel pump Walbro model 3001 Auto Pulse...

any help is greatl appreciated...
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I think your problem is in either the fuel pump or carburetor. Download the manual at the link below. Test the fuel pump output per the manual. If it is OK, you will need to clean and rebuild the carburetor. This is not difficult but it must be cleaned meticulously. The manual covers the detail.


These links are not for the same carburetor as on your engine but they may help with rebuilding yours:

Tecumseh Carb Floods

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thanks for the link airman it should come in handy in the future...I have no problem being meticulous about clean the carb thats not a problem...I actually have ordered the carb and pump rebuild kits and hope to have them in my hands tomorrow some time...I kinda figured thats what it was...the needle and seet do stop the fuel flow but for $10 its not gonna break me...thanks again...I will let you know how I make out...

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