Trouble with a Murray


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Trouble with a Murray

I've got a Murray walk-behind in and I'm having trouble finding it's problem (it won't start). The numbers on the engine are: Briggs, 5.75 HP, Quantam, M-12H802, T-2328-B1, C-00022956. In review of what I've done so far: Good spark and sparkplug, key and keyway looks good, compression-60 PSI, I've removed the air filter and sprayed gas directly into the throat of the carburetor, and it won't even hit at all. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Got an inline spark tester? You might check to see if the plug is actually firing when it's under compression. Other than that, maybe the engine is flooded? Maybe the intake or exhaust is plugged? Check the plastic intake tube. I've seen some that were broken off.
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What is the difference between an inline spark tester and a regular tester?
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Most spark testers are inline, they go between the high tension lead and the spark plug and have an air gap for the spark to jump in a small window for observation. Inductive or bulb type testers may give a false reading of spark, in that they require very little voltage to trigger.

Check your flywheel key, a sheared key will throw the ignition timing off, but with a magnetron ignition, you will still get spark.
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Silly question, but did you have it over on its side ? Loose carburetor ? Ive also seen those with a worn woodruff key that appears to be good but with the flywheel off and a closer inspection, the key has been distorted which can cause a no start problem.

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