What part is this from MTD snowblower?


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What part is this from MTD snowblower?

Hi, In a separate thread, I was able to fix my MTD
315E640F000 snowblower, and in the process, needed to add back the 3 bolts that holds the bearing housing on. I've done that, but at some point, I saw what appears to be some sort of C ring on the floor.

See photo of the part here :
C Ring from MTD picture by craftylad - Photobucket

I thought it came from the bearing, but it won't fit onto it, and I can't believe it came off from below it (the ring would have to spread way apart to pull off from the shaft).

I checked the MTD diagrams and don't see anything like it. I pulled up pics of the bearing on web sites and don't see this ring attached to it.

Does anyone know where on my MTD snowblower this ring would go? I'm ready to put the whole thing back together if I knew where this part came from. (and there's a storm hitting the Albany NY area tonight... argh...)

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I have no experience with snow equipment but if you will look at the parts breakdown for your snow thrower under Frame Assembly/Drive Assembly, it shows a 716-0185 Retainer Ring. I see no other retaining rings on the thrower.
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Hi, nope, saw that and checked the blower thinking maybe that's what it was, but my Retainer Ring is on that particular bearing assembly. It's an actual retaining ring that springs out and has widened ends with holes in them to pull it together for removal.

Whereas the ring I can't seem to find a home for is just a flat ring that's split and offset a little... almost like a large diameter split washer, but not nearly as wide. It seems to fit nicely on top the ball bearing (741-0309 on the blower housing diagram), but there's no outter or inner groove for it to catch onto... and there's nothing that would sit on top of it to keep it from simply falling off....

I do appreciate the pointer to the retainer ring though. We're at about 4 inches of new snow now.. expecting up to 12... I'm hoping someone knows what this is for or where it goes before I need to go out and shovel a looong driveway...

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