Briggs and stratton generator cuts out


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Briggs and stratton generator cuts out

While wiring a house today our generator cut out on us. Its kinda been on ongoing problem, getting worse and worse. The thing starts great, runs for 5 to 10 minutes, great. It then starts sputtering, but will run good for another few minutes if you choke it.Then it dies. We gotta wait 5 minutes or so before it will start again. This is screaming to me a carb/filter problem. We took the carb off, jet and mixture screw out, blew it completly clean with 100 psi and the same problem persists. The fuel filter allows plenty of flow. The plug gives a decent but not perfect spark, kinda orange/blue. We just changed the plug a couple weeks ago because it wouldn't start at all, and it may need to be changed again. The float has no gas in it. the needle seats well, blocking fuel. Do you think maybe its flooding a little? The float is completly plastic, and I don't know how you would adjust it.
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Sounds like the gas cap isn't venting and a vacuum is developing in the tank. Try loosening the cap next time it dies and see if it will start back up.
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sounds like fuel starvation. as Cheese mentioned, check the cap. also check the inline fuel filter. i've only seen it once but the fuel line could be internally collapsed.
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I've been running it with the cap off. I figured it must be vaccum. But it still dies. The filter allows plenty of flow, its fairly new. Why would I get a couple more minutes of run time by choking it? It would make sense that there is a shortage of gas, and by choking down the air, we give it a better burn ratio. I've notice a bit of gas in the air filter though.
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Mine did the same thing your describing last summer, turned out to be a little low on oil and the low oil switch was tripping it off. I too thought it was a carburetor issue, but it turned out that it was not. Check your oil level just to rule that out.

Best of Luck....

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