Gravely series 524 Model 25038


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Gravely series 524 Model 25038

I received this blower last year as a gift(wasn't running),anyway, we finally had enough snow in St. Louis for me to try it out, it would throw snow about 15-20ft until i got into snow that was wet or had ice in it and then the flow would act like shutting down a garden hose and i could hear a belt slipping and would eventually lock up then I would have to clean the wet snow from around the impeller/blower to continue. My questions: Is this normal or should I replace the belt(the belt has to be pretty old by the way the carb was varnished), I can't see the belt, it's down in there somewhere. Next, am I supposed to have those skid things on the front if I am only on concrete driveways. Next are there any online manuals available for this blower because at 65 I think I like this thing even though I might get to use it once a year, I got more female interest in one day with a snowblower than a whole summer with lawn mowers. Have a good one. Geo
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In 1982, Gravley "merged" with Ariens. You should be able to get info on your gravely at an Ariens dealer. I would replace the belt. It is located under the belt gard between the engine and auger housing.
Snowblowers do have a tougher time blowing heavy wet snow.
There are a couple of easy things you can do.
1). Adjust the skid/shoes so there is 1/8" ( about the thickness of 2 quarters stacked up) clearence on the scrapper bar. This way you are not trying to throw water. Water is what causes the impeller/chute to clog. Adjusting the scrapper 1/8" off the ground lets the water stay on the ground. Trust me on this. I have lived in New Hampshire for 53 years and we get all kinds of snow here. Dry, wet, 2" storms, 30" storms.
2). Spray WD40 in the chute, impeller. This trick does work. You do have to do this for every storm.
I haven't been able to find any on-line manuals for that. You might want to look on Ebay.
I never used my snowblower as a "chick magnet". Me thinks I will have to try that Tuesday, our next snowstorm. Thanks for the idea.
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Thanks a bunch Indypower. That's the info I needed. However, as a "chick magnet", I'm sure everyone there has snowblowers, I am the only one in my neighborhood here with one, it sorta gives me an Have a good one. Geo
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Spraying the chute with WD-40 or Silicone spray or even PAM cooking oil will help the snow/ice slide out. If the chute is rusty, you can improve the performance buy removing the rust, smoothing out the metal and repainting. Rattle can paint is fine. Great that this thing is good for you meeting the neighborhood ladies.

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