tecumseh snowblower problem


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tecumseh snowblower problem

Hello i have a 5 hp tecumseh snowblower well actually ariens anyways my buddy was using it the other day and somehow the dip stick went into the engine at full sing! It stopped the motor like right now. He had to pull the rope and pull on the dip stick at the same time to get it out. It has teeth marks on it like the cam and the crank gear had a field day with it.

I thought this would be a no brainer, the keyway sheared and that was the only thing. I took the flywheel off to find that the keyway is fine and the flywheel turns with the crank. So i put the old keyway back in and did a compression check i got about 128 or a little more on the three times i did it.

Hold up i skipped a part. when you try and line up the coil with the magnet that is on the flywheel the piston should be at TDC right. Well you have to turn the flywheel about 2 inches past that to get TDC.

So when i put it all back together i got awesome spark and i put a little gas in the cylinder and tried to fire it up. It about ripped my hand off on the off stroke.

Ok how did it skip timing if the key is fine? could the dip stick had caused the gears to skip at 3100rpms?

any help would be awesome.

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As far as the flywheel, magnet, key - all that's OK. The key is on the crank, flywheel lines up with the key, and the coil is fixed to the engine. The ignition timing is relative to the crank/piston position so that's OK.

The problem would have to be in the cam/cam gear and the valve timing. Normally you wouldn't have the 128 lbs of compression if the valve timing was off. Check to make sure both valves are moving. The crank or cam gear may be stripped.
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I'd recommend not lending tools to your friend in the future. Sounds like the valves are not working correctly if at all.
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Post your engine model and type numbers.

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