Airens clutch problem


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Airens clutch problem

I have an airens ezr 1540 zero turn and I am fixing to replace my clutch for the 3rd time in a little over 3 years. What could be a reason that my clutches kee going out on me.
Thanks for any input or insight-
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I'm not too familiar with this unit & without the model & serial #'s I can't help much. Does it have an electric clutch?? If so make sure the battery is good (do you boost to start??) &the charging system is working (14.5 volts). Also make sure you have at least 12 or more volts to the clutch when running & you have a good clean ground.. Also are these aftermarket clutches?? Good luck, Roger
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Should check the items listed in other post, as well as your mower deck for any binding or dragging spindles. Also you need to be sure that your not overloading your mower by trying to cut grass that is too tall or cutting at too fast a ground speed.

It pretty much does not matter if the clutches were purchased aftermarket, as the majority of clutches are manufactured by Warner or Ogura and retailed through the OEM's and Aftermarket suppliers.
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It is an Airens 96 to 98 Model 915003 with Koler CV 15s spec 41531 displ cc426.
I traded an antique desk to a friend for it that now has a very small yard. He had it used with no paper work either. I go to Airens parts radar whenever I need to get info on it. It is an electric clutch. I've never really had any problems other than the clutch. Im handicaped and cut some other yards besides my own for some extra cash but its nomal cutting. The first clutch that went out, it seemed extremley hot as a black substance seem to ooze out from the inside. The other two times a little burn smell and thats was it. The mower works great for me, Im just concerned about why they continously burn up. I don't cut wide open or cut knee high grass. It just seems to randomly happen. I never jump or boost it off, just crank and cut. Other than checking for voltage to the clutch is there anything else that I might check into or somthing I could install to safeguard or trigger to let me know it might be beginning to go out?
I really appreciate the info guys.
- John
Rome, Ga

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