stihl 032 av stopped running


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stihl 032 av stopped running

I have a 032 av stihl chain saw. I was cutting some fire wood and the saw just quit. It had penty of power just before it happened. Like it ran out of gas. I've replaced the fuel, fuel line and filter. It has a good spark and has plenty of compression. I tried priming it with not luck wont atempt to fire. I took the carb apart and rebuilt it, set it up to starting specs but still nothing. Saw is not flooded, it has a new plug. Love this saw, been a good saw I have a new husky rancher saw 455 like the stihl better. Do the side seals go in this and could it cause this to happen by not having compression in case. Its seems to have good compression i thought maybe the pistion rings were bad but it seems to have real good com.. I just don't want to put money into it if that not the problem. Does anyone have any ideas. what are the compression specs on that engine. Where can i get a manual to help me out. Any help will be appreciated Thanks River,
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The 032AV is an old saw, early 70s I think. To my knowledge, Stihl has never published compression figures. A rule of thumb for Stihl chainsaws is they need a minimum of 120-PSI compression to start and perform properly.

You said, I tried priming it with not luck wont atempt to fire. This tells me you do not have a carburetor related problem.

Send me a PM with an email address. I will send you a service manual for the 017/018 saw. I do not have one for the 032AV. This manual details how to perform a leakage, pressure and vacuum test. It requires special adapters to block off the exhaust port and test through the carburetor intake manifold but you can make something that will work. I use a plastic cutting board to make the test flanges.

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