Honda HRT216KSDA transmission problems


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Honda HRT216KSDA transmission problems

I have a Honda Harmony II HRT 216 KSDA with a completely new transmission, cables and drive belt. My problem is that when I engage the transmission it doesn't drive forward. If I engage the drive without starting the engine I can't push it forwards but I can pull it backwards. When I start the engine and engage the transmission I can easily push it forwards but it will not drive it forwards. The best that happens is that the wheels rotate if I lift them up off the ground with the engine running and the transmission engaged.

Anyone have a clue what is wrong? I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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You have the drive ratchets on the rear wheels switched.

The drive should lock up when you try to pull the mower back with the drive engaged, should push easily forwards.

Take the drive gears off the axle, flip them around and reinstall and all should be alright.


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