Stupid me and my generator


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Stupid me and my generator

I have a brand new Briggs and stratton generator. Powerboss 5600 watt. The first thing the book states is to check the oil. I opened the oil filler cap which has a low oil sensor wire coming from it and the wire inside disconnected from it. Unfortunately, nowhere in the manual does it state not to open this. It does state in about six different places that I need to check the oil level before starting. I cannot reattach the wire inside to the spade plug on the cap, it won't come out far enough. What do I do? Can I still use it without the oil sensor? Should I take it back to the store and get another one? But then I still don't know how to check the oil because that is where the manual shows the oil dipstick but there was none. THe generator model number is 030230 and the motor model # is 204412.

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Take it back as there is supposed to be a dipstick and tube. It is brand new and under warranty. Don't mess with it. Return it.

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