Craftsman Leaf Blower


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Craftsman Leaf Blower

First time poster. My blower slowly started giving me problems last season so after ruling out carb, gas, air, plug issues, I gave it to my local repairman to diagnose. Said the ring (just one) needed replaced, but he wanted more than I thought it was worth so I had him get me the ring and I'd do it myself. Hey, I've rebuilt a couple of Fords in my day. So after dismantling and with my $5 ring (just one) in hand I find the old ring stuck, frozen, locked, mated in it's grove. This thing looks so delicate I'm afraid to force it. Any advice on how to separate these two?
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If the old ring is stuck that bad to the piston, have a close look @ the piston & the bore of the cylinder for scoring. This is usually caused from excess heat or carbon from too much oil in the fuel. If carbon, soak the piston in a carb cleaner bath to dissolve it. Check the crank seals & make sure the carb isn"t causing a lean condition, as well.. Good luck, Roger

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