what do you call the part of engine...


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what do you call the part of engine...

I had a weird chainsaw malfunction today and now I am trying to find the specific part of the motor online, but the problem is, I don't know what's it called .

I would search it on ebay or something like that, but first, please tell me what I'm searching for, it's the part connected directly to starter rotor pulley with rope (this part here: i43.tinypic..com/2n9i8wp.jpg ).

So this part is under that one with rope and it's mounted on shaft which leads to cylinder.
I need to know what's it called so I can search it online.

In my chainsaw (mcculloch AV-"some number"), that part is round, with square-like hollow in its center and it has sort of wings (vertical) on upper face, something like this: i39.tinypic..com/vhtgjs.jpg .

So when you pull the rope this part rotates along with it and starts the engine.

thanks for any help in advance

remove one dot before "com" in both links to get correct picture.
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Please post the brand and model number of your chainsaw.
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McCulloch AV-somethingsomething

It doesn't matter, because this part of engine is common to all of them, same as piston, or cylinder, or sparkplug...etc.

I just want to know what is this part called so I can find it in online shops.
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One part you show is the starter housing, the other is the flywheel. Why not support local business & take the broken part & the rest of the saw to the local guy. Online shopping is great, but you may find the guy in the neighborhood can help with advise, tips, etc. Try them. Roger
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thank you very much hopkinsr2!!

flywheel it is!

lol, now i know whats it called in english, but not in my own language
nevermind, it's no problem from this point onwards.
bye and thx again

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