removing generator head


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removing generator head

I am trying to get the generator rotor off the crankshaft of my Briggs vanguard. man I have whacked it, smacked it. what is the secret? I have tried rigging up a puller, but this thing is on tight. help
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I'm not sure about generators, But I'm sure if you post some info about the generator, (e.g. coleman, champion, etc, model & serial #) the pros will help you out, as I'm sure they all can be different?? Good Luck, Roger
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I assume you have the long bolt out of the center, right? If so, usually a good whack from the side with a length of 2X4 will jar it loose. Don't hit it so hard you bend the crankshaft...but give it a solid whack.
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Usually a couple good whacks from a dead-blow hammer on the end of the rotor will knock it off the crank. Loosen the long bolt but leave it threaded a few turns so when it comes off the rotor won't hit the ground and possibly damage it.

Be careful, don't miss the smooth bearing surface and hit the plastic or you are out a rotor.
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I'm not to worried about damaging the rotor, as it is shorted, I figured that a good smack with a dead blow would do it. it's stuck. I might try threading the end and using a slide hammer. I was just hoping I was missing something.

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