MTD Model 601 will not start...


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MTD Model 601 will not start...

I have a MTD model 601. Maintenance is up to date, new plugs for the season, fresh gas. I was mowing the other day and drove into a corner. The mower was working fine. I turned the blades off, put the gear selector into reverse and the mower died. No cranking, no solenoid clicking, no nothing. Ive checked the fuses, the battery is brand new and charged. When I pull the fuse out, there is a faint click on the front of the engine. This leads me to believe that the the wiring is good up to the plug. Is it possible to foul the plugs that quickly? Is there anthing that would cause the electrical system to fail just like that?
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Sounds like the blade safety switch isn't working. Try pulling back on the blade handle to further engage the switch while trying to crank it. The fact that it happened after you turned the blades off and put it in reverse and it died then tells me this. It is supposed to die when put in reverse with the blades on and it won't start with the blades on, and it thinks the blades are on.

The faint click you hear when putting the fuse in is the anti-backfire solenoid energizing on the carburetor.
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Thanks, Cheese, for the help.
Ive crawled up underneath and there is nothing out of place in the linkage. There is no play on the blade handle. Is the blade safety switch something that can be replaced? Is there a work around to check to make sure this is what is going on?

thanks again.
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The blade safety switch is likely mounted near the lever pivot point. Make sure the connector did not fall off. If that is o.k. check the switch with an ohmmeter

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