How tough to replace pull cord on Craftsman mower?


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How tough to replace pull cord on Craftsman mower?

I'm trying to fix a neighbor's mower with a broken pull-start cord.
The mower is a Craftsman with a 6.5 HP Briggs and Stratton motor. Model 917379470.
I removed the plastic top on the mower, and see that the housing over the pull cord is riveted down. Its looks like I'd have to remove the gas tank, then another housing around the top of the mower just to get a look at how the thing is put together.

Just wondering if I should jump into this or not. I'm no pro at small engine repair, but can usually handle basic things.
Anyone with experience in this area? If I remove these housings will the solution be obvious, or should I just haul it in for a pro?

Thanks for any advice.
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It is not difficult. You do need to remove the housing as you feared.Fish out the remaining rope by pulling on the knot in the pulley.
First tie a modified overhand knot in the rope about in the centre. It is like tying you shoes but leave a loop instead of pulling the end through. Now rotate the pulley in the normal direction till it stops, don't let go of it. Rotate back one turn and while holding it, don't let go, feed the rope through the housing and into the hole in the pulley. Tie the rope off and gently release.
Re install the housing and feed the free end of the rope through the guide in the handle. Install the handle. Remember the knot? Give the handle a quick tug and the knot will pop free.
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Thanks so much for the info. This is just the kind of step by step approach I need. Now all I is the time to work on it.
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line replacement

Remember to measure the length of the rope you remove. If you put the full replacement line in you will have a pull length and storage problem. I usually measure the removed line and add a few inches (very few) to allow the right pull length and return.

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