Honda HRT 216 choke/throttle cable detached


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Honda HRT 216 choke/throttle cable detached

After a good deal of difficulty starting my mower all of last year
(usually leaving it in the sun to warm) but running fine after I would get it started, I discovered that nothing was happening
with the cable when I pushed the lever. I need to know the
cable positions of the throttle etc. so that I can bypass fixing the throttle lever and adjust the springs directly just to get the mower started to see if there are any additional problems
before I try and fix the throttle cable.
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Just follow the cable down to where it mounts to the engine, Loosen the retainer clamp and slide the cable toward the carb. (front of the machine).

This will give you full choke to see if it cranks, Slide the cable back a little and the choke will open and give you full throttle. Pull it all the way back (toward the rear of the machine) and it should shut down.

Good Luck

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