Toro LX426 Hydrostatic Transmission problems


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Toro LX426 Hydrostatic Transmission problems

It looks like this is a common problem, but I can't seem to figure out the fix for my less than one year old Toro LX426...I have the pedal controlled Hydrostatic Transmission which has turned itself into a single speed transmission.

I have pulled off the cutting deck and can see that the belt that goes from the engine pulley to the transfer case is extremely lose (I never looked at it when it was running so I am not sure how tight it is supposed to be). Anyway, when I step on the pedal, it does tighten up, but it appears as though it isn't tightening until the pedal is all the way at the floor...I have been looking for diagrams for how this belt is supposed to be ran but can't seem to find appears that it is connected to only four pulleys...the one on the engine, the two that control the belt tention and the transfer case in the back...any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Here is a diagram of your drive system, The belts will not tighten loosen properly unless the engine is running due to the variable speed pulley #2.

Always jack up the rear and block it up before testing with the engine running.

Make sure the center section of this V/S pulley moves freely up and down when the engine is running in neutral pushing the pedal or with belts removed moving it by hand, Also make sure both springs #30 & #33 are still hooked up to the rear belt tension idler arm #61. Check this #61 idler arm and make sure it moves freely as well....

You should find your problem in one of the above areas.

Good Luck

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