Oil/Fuel mixture for old chain saw


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Oil/Fuel mixture for old chain saw

I've got an old Homelite Super XL chain saw from back around 1970 that I would like to get running again. Its been stored in a reasonably dry garage for at least a decade since it was last used. Before trying to start it up, I've got a couple questions.

1) Back then they recommended mixing 2-cycle oil and gas at a 1:16 ratio. With today's 2-cycle oils, should I use that old ratio or should I use the thinner ratios recommended for today's oils? Or is there some middle-ground compromise?

2) Since it hasn't had any fresh lubrication for quite some time, do I need to be concerned with the old oil coating the inner parts being dried and gummed up? Should I open it up and clean it? Do I need to relubricate everthing manually before trying to start it? If so, what would be a good lubricant to use?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Today's 2-cycle oil has advanced so much. Run a 50:1 mix. Back in the 70's, regular motor oil was all that was available.
Today's 2-cycle oils are made to burn cleaner (motor oil was never made to be burned). 50:1 smokes less, starts easier, fouls plugs much less. I run 50: in my snowmobile. In 1975 I was running the 16:1 and had to carry 4 sets of plugs with me. Now, I can ride a full season (2500 miles) on the same plugs.
I would squirt a little 2-cycle oil down the plug hole and pull it over a few times, then another squirt and install the plug.
I would also clean the carb(soak it) and put a kit in it along with a new plug. To make it start easier, squrit a oil gas mix down the plug hole.
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If you are going to redo the carb, replace the fuel line and filter while you are at it. They are likely deteriorated.
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Thanks for the help. I'll be working on it this weekend.

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