Honda: to buy or not to buy?


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Honda: to buy or not to buy?

Looking for some advice on whether to buy a Honda self-propelled mower with a bent shaft. This will be a gift for my son, who has a medium sized yard and I'm not looking to spend a lot.

The owner of a local repair shop who has a good reputation says he took this in on a trade for other work and admits he essentially has nothing in it. I think it's an HR 217 (I didn't get the entire number), looks to be a few years old and -- with one major exception -- in clean shape. Starts easily and runs smoothly and with plenty of power. The three-speed self-propelled drive train (which may be a drive shaft model--it's not hydrostatic) works well.

The original owner obviously hit something and bent the shaft. The shop owner says he'll straighten the shaft, clean the carb, tune it and make sure it's running right for $100. I would supply the blade and blade bracket, which are missing and which look like they total $30.

He says he has a tool for straightening shafts and does it all the time. Can you ever truly straighten one? Is this a good deal or should I keep looking?


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Will he give you a warranty? Even for 3-6 months?
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I have straightened a few cranks with a straightener jig years ago, It will never be true again. I stopped doing it due to liability reasons, Once a crank is bent and straightened it's weakened. Another hit could snap it sending it and the blade from under the machine.

Be careful dealing with a bent shaft......
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You said it starts easy and runs smoothly. Was that with the blade on? If it runs smooth with the blade on and does not shake the handle bars, then the crank shaft isn't bent. If the crankshaft is indeed bent, stay away from it unless you want to spend the money to have a new crankshaft installed. I agree with 31ytech on the danger of this mower.
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no warranty and no blade--guess that's why it ran smoothly.

I asked him to pull the cord while I watched the end of the crank and the wobble was noticeable.

sounds like the consensus on this is to pass.

thanks a lot for the feedback.


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