Snapper Riding Mower stops rolling


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Snapper Riding Mower stops rolling

I have a 2003-4 Snapper rear engine riding mower.
Recently, it has been having troubles. While cutting, it will just stop rolling in the forward gears. I have to push it with my foot to get it moving again. It seems to mostly happen when coming out of a turn or hit a slight incline.

Also another problem it has been experiencing is that the engine will sputter and kill unless I shake the gas tank.

Any suggestions on what I should look at?
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Sounds like the rubber drive disc is worn.

Close the fuel cap vent then raise the front end up standing the unit up on the rear bumper. There should be three nuts (1/2" wrench) holding this rubber drive disc in place, Remove it and take it to your nearest mower repair shop and get a new one.

Set the unit back down on all fours when you leave, It could leak acid from the battery if left standing up too long.

On these units ALWAYS take off (let the clutch up) in first gear, If you want to travel faster just shift to a higher speed while moving without clutching. When you want to slow down just pull the speed selector handle back, Letting the clutch out in higher speed ranges cracks the rubber on this disc thus causing pre-mature wear.

Good Luck
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Thanks for the info.
I'll do that this weekend.
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bgbla, did this help fix your problem? I'm just curious as I have a 16 hp snapper RER model 421616BVE and I had the same thing happen to my mower the last time I used it at the end of last year. I was mowing a small ditch and all of a sudden it wouldnt pull it's self out, it's more of a small slope instead of a ditch. Anyway I had to push it out and it would barely pull itself. Over the winterI replace the the clutch disk, new blades, put a new belt on and new tires. I still have the same problem, it wont pull. I jacked up the back and started the mower, shifted it into 3rd and the wheels turn but as soon as I put my hand on the tire it stops the wheels. Any suggestions?

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