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Briggs help

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03-25-09, 11:09 PM   #1  
Briggs help

Hey guys,
I got this old Briggs and Stratton craftsman that ive recently serviced (cleaned the carby etc as it was sitting for a while) When it was originally bought second hand it was fine. After being used and then sitting there for a few years, pulled it out a few weeks ago and cleaned it and it works. The problem is when i start it i cut as much lawn as i want, but as soon as i turn it off and restart it, it seems to rev down and looses heaps of power when moving the lawn mower and eventually just turns off because of the load. It seems to rev down especially on steeper plains. I really dont know what the problem is??? ive cleaned the carb, adjusted the air/fuel screw to the right idle and rev but this random thing happens to it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I dont want to give up on it cause dad will buy a new mower and i know the older mowers are alot better than the newer ones.
Thanks in advance

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03-26-09, 05:57 AM   #2  
Sounds like the governor spring may be weak, missing or the wrong 1.

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03-26-09, 05:02 PM   #3  
could be just the grass load on the blade and under the frame work....give it a quick hosing on the under section and do a restart.when the grass is wet or damp it could actually stall with that clipping load....even if you bag it.

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03-26-09, 05:11 PM   #4  
I don't know what model you have, but I think you have bent the tab that holds the spring above the carb. Sometimes this tab gets bent while mowing under bushes, etc...

Look at the right front corner of the engine, just above the carb, for a metal tab with a hole in it and a spring attached to the hole. Bend the tab away from the engine to put more tension on the spring. Do this until you obtain proper engine speed (approximately 3200 rpm). Don't over-rev it.

If this does not make sense when compared to what you see when you look at your engine, then post your model number so we know what you have.

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Join Date: Jun 2006
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04-18-09, 07:11 PM   #5  
Hey guys thankyou for your help! i bought the right spring for the mower and works fine. I really found it wierd how the spring could make all the difference because i have the old spring really taught. Anyways....
Thanks alot guys!

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