Free Wheelin' auger


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Free Wheelin' auger

I managed to wrap the dog's chain around one side of my augers and now it spins free on the spindle while the other side is just fine. Can anyone tell me what I broke and how to fix it?
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You broke a shear pin. This is a bolt the goes thru the auger & shaft. They are made to break when the auger gets stuck.
You need to find the hole in the auger and turn it so you can see it. Now, hold the auger and reach in and turn the impeller(the parts that shoots the snow out) until you see the broken bolt lined up with the auger hole. Take a punch and punch out the broken bolt. Go to your local snowblower shop and buy a Shear pin. Make sure to use a SHEAR PIN and not a regular bolt. If you use a regular bolt, you will wipe out the auger gear next time it gets stuck.
Shear pin--$2.00
Auger gear--$45 plus gear lube plus the hassle of having to take the auger out to replace the gear or having to pay the 2 hours of labor for a shop to do it.
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Thank you very much Indy. Sounds relatively easy AND inexpensive. Have a great day!!

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