Honda Harmony problems


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Honda Harmony problems

Hi there,

I have a Honda Harmony HRS 216 and it is not starting. I took it a part and have narrowed it down to these things that might be the problem...

Old Gas
Old oil
piece of electronics it looks like( when you engage the clutch it pushes on this buttin and sends a pulse to another piece of electronics that is supposed to let the blade spin freely)

I think that one is the culprit. If so, how much does it cost to replace it?

BTW: I found this garbage picking, so I plan to fix it so I have a "Like New" mower.
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There is no blade clutch, that unit is a zone start meaning when you let go of the handle the engine quits. That electronic piece you refer to is the ignition kill switch.
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sounds like your problem is the carb needs cleaning. the gas that was in it has varnished up the interior of the carb. You need to disassemble the carb, soak it in a dipping carb cleaning solution for 1/2-3/4 hour then install a new needle& saet and bowl gasket. Soaking the carb is the ONLY way to thoroughly clean it.
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Honda parts are expensive. Before you purchase any parts I suggest you thoroughly evaluate the entire mower and engine for possible needed parts.

Does the engine have good compression? Does the engine have ignition spark?

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