16Hp Briggs with governor issue


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16Hp Briggs with governor issue

I broke the throtte cable on my mower a couple of years back. I took it to a friends house and he put one on it. He said he had to messed with the governor. I got it home and it doesnt govern at all. If you put it in rabbit it revvs all the way up. If you put it at a moderate speed and then get into grass is dies out unless you give it more gas. It doesnt govern at all. There was no problem like this when i dropped it off. Im sure its something simple that he did scince he only charged me 30 dollars laboer. Its been parked for 3 years becuase i dont know what he did. I heard someone say your supposed to turn the shaft all the way one direction and then do something but they couldnt remember exactly what to do. Can anyone help me?
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Why did he mess with the governor just to replace a throttle cable? No need to touch the governor unless he was trying to compensate for using the wrong length cable.
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Loosen the clamp bolt on the governor arm. Move the throttle to full throttle, then rotate the governor shaft clockwise all the way, and while holding each in place, tighten the clamp bolt. That will set it. If he got it too far out of adjustment it may have come apart inside the engine the first time it cranked up afterwards.

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