B&S 20 Twin II Leaking Oil


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B&S 20 Twin II Leaking Oil

I have a Briggs 20 Twin II with an major oil leak coming from where the left cylinder (with exhaust and intake facing forward) connects to the center case. Oil is leaking at the rate of about 1 drip per 10 seconds. The leak is at the bottom of the left cylinder behind the very first cooling fin. It appears to be leaking at the gasket where the upper part of the motor connects to the base (the joint about 3" above where the motor bolts on to the the mower).

How difficult is it to get this lower base apart to replace this gasket. The mower/drive pulley appears to be pressed on from the bottom. Would I have to dissasemble the entire motor from the top to get to this?

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You can't change it from the top of the engine. You have to remove the engine and unbolt the sump cover to change it. Just remove the 4 engine mounting bolts and the electrical and cables on the engine, drop the exhaust, remove the bolt in the center of the big pulley on the crankshaft and slide it off and you'll be able to lift the engine off the frame and access the sump cover bolts. It's not a bad job...
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Great. I'm going to tackle it this weekend - grass is getting long.

Thanks for the info!

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