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Utility/Service Cart

I really don't know if this is the correct forum to ask this question but here goes. I make custom hunting knives and use Whitetail and Axis deer antlers for the handles. In cutting the antlers and sanding them, there is a great amount of antler dust produced. I have recently found out that this dust is carconoginic! I have a buddy that makes knives also and has mounted his bandsaw, bench grinder and belt sander on a steel commercial food service cart that someone gave him. He rolls the cart outside his garage and does his work upwind and all the dust is blown away from him; great idea! I have priced these carts and they start at $225 and that is too high for my blood. Does anyone have plans for a wooden cart that is sturdy enough to mount my equipment on? Size is about 24" wide by 40" long by 36" high, give or take a few inches and with 4 or 5" roller wheels that lock. I don't mind paying $75 for the materials but not $225. Any help is appreciated. BobberBob
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I don't have any plans handy, but would suggest you google plans for planting benches and work benches, there are lots of good plans out there. Another alternative is to grab the next free gas grill you see at the curb and use the frame as the basis for your bench, but you might have to reinforce that a bit. Another possibility is Sears or other department store for a microwave cart, or rolling island cart meant for a kitchen. Just some ideas.
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If you have any bigger cities around..they all have used restaurant equipment stores. You'd be amazed how cheap some stuff can be.

Also..Harbor Freight has some carts that might work with a little reinforcement/modification..Harbor Freight Tools
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Those carts at HF look pretty good but none of them look sturdy enough for a bandsaw and the other power tools you plan to use.
The only one there that looked any good is the folding scissor lift table but it is out of your price range.

You might want to consider a different approach by maybe using an exhaust fan or shop vac that is vented outdoors and a good respirator.

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