Starter has hard time turning over?


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Starter has hard time turning over?

Hi, I have a John Deere L100 riding lawnmower with a 17hp Briggs and Stratton Intex engine. Since the day it was new, the only way you could get it started was to turn the flywheel with your hand a little bit. I thought it was just that the battery didn't have a full charge. I contacted the dealer and they said the battery needed a charge. When the engine was warm, then sometimes it would start fine on its own, so I thought that made sense, since when the engine is running the battery should be charging. Well after even putting it on a charger a few times, this didn't fix the problem so I thought the battery must just be bad. I just bought a new battery, and it is doing the same thing. It is like it doesn't have enough power to turn the engine over. Anyone else have a problem like this/ or a solution? It is out of warranty now, was bought in 2004.

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It sounds like you need to check/adjust the valves, As they wear they don't allow the mechanical compression release on the camshaft to function properly. The results are hard/slow cranking speeds.

Here is the procedure;

Remove the valve cover then rotate the engine over by hand until you reach top dead center compression stroke, Then remove the spark plug. Once at TDC insert a small screw driver in the plug hole touching the piston and rotate clockwise past TDC until you see the screw driver move down inside the hole 1/4". Now loosen the jam screw in the center of the adjustment nut and adjust to .005-.007" both intake and exhaust. Hold the adjuster nut with your wrench while tightening the jam screw. It may take a couple times to get it right because when tightening the jam screw it could throw the adjustment out so check after tightening.

Good Luck
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