Bent Mandrel Shaft


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Bent Mandrel Shaft

I always get good help here, so here I am again.

Craftsman 24 hp 42" cut lawn tractor. Started out to do a good deed. Neighbor has no lawn mower and can't afford to pay someone to cut her grass, so I drove my mower down to cut it for her...her kid left a crowbar in yard, I hit it blade on LEFT now cuts closer than blade on the right.

Turned blade by hand and it does not turn level, tilts to one side a tiny bit, but enough to mess things up. Looked at the shaft as it was turning (by hand) and it is slightly cocked as it goes around.

How hard is it to get the mandrel off and replace the shaft in the mandrel?

I have the schematic and the part number, but if this is a drawn out thing that takes a lot of special know how, tell me...If I can do it my self, where would you recommend getting the part from via the internet?

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It would be easier to buy the whole mandrel assembly. If your assembly is not cracked anywhere then you could replace the shaft and bearings instead. but it takes some time to replace all that. You can order the part or parts through Sears Parts directly. Their website has a place to put the model and serial number for your lawn tractor to insure you get the right part. If your book shows the part number you can find the part that way also. You can order the part there and it ships to your house. You might consider ordering the bolts that hold the mandrel assembly on also. They are sometimes rusted and break during work. Also check to insure the deck is not bent where the mounting is. You may need to straighten it.
Last time I had that same problem the assembly was only $5 more than the parts needed to fix the old one. It does not take very long to replace the assembly, usually 4 bolts and it is off.
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Thanks Badeyeben

I have found the mandrel assembly at a Sears close by and will pick it up tomorrow.

I guess I will have to drop the mower deck....guess it best to use directions in my owner manual...

Wish me luck Beer 4U2

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