Craftsman LT2000 quits after 20 min.


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Craftsman LT2000 quits after 20 min.

Engine is a 18.5HP B&S (From what I've seen posted here, this also happens with Kohler 18HP engines in same mower).

Engine starts up fine, runs for 20 min. and then starts to surge and then dies out as if the bowel ran dry (tank is full & filter has fuel). After 10-20 min, I can start the mower again and then it will die after 5-10 min. This continues all afternoon until I put it away.

<LI type="disc">Cap is vented; There is spark; fuel is in the filter.
<LI type="disc">When I pull the line off the carb and hang over a bucket the fuel flows strong.
<LI type="disc">My mower is gravity fed.

My thoughts are clogged passages inside the carb or insufficient fuel pressure. I am also wondering if this is a common trait with these mowers without fuel pumps.

I'd especially like to hear from previous posters who have claimed these same problems.

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Running for 20 mins then dies and have to wait 10 mins or more to start sounds like the coil is bad. Coil heats up, looses internal connection, then when it cools down it will run again.
Next time it dies, immediately remove the spark plug and check for spark. If none, you need a new coil.
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Problem solved


If your gravity feed mower has a 1/4" fuel line, then try stepping up your filter to a 5/16" (it will still fit the 1/4" line).

I found that the 1/4" filters are just too restrictive for at least the graviity fed mower. And I have tried two different brand new 1/4" filters with no luck. As soon as I replaced my 1/4" filter with a 5/16"....I am mowing all day long!

...Maybe mower's with pumps might get away with 1/4" filters due to the pressure.


Hope this helps!

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Hmm...never heard or saw that before. The inlet of the carburetor is much smaller than the openings of a 1/4" fuel filter. I wonder if the inside hose of your fuel line is collapsing near the filter and the larger opening on the oversized filter is holding the collapsed lining open a bit.

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