An electric gardening vehicle?


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An electric gardening vehicle?

My mother is in her 60s and absolutely loves her gardening, or "playing in the dirt" as she calls it. Unfortunately she's now starting to have difficulty lifting and moving things on her own. Recently she bought a ton (literally) of topsoil to cover an area in her back yard. There was a time when she'd move it all herself with relish, but not so much any more. I've been spending increasing amounts of time helping her move things (dirt, stones, plants, etc) so she can continue enjoying her hobby. She doesn't like calling me for help (she's a rather independent sort) but I don't mind helping her.

I was thinking of buying her a small electric ATV with a gardening trailer that she could use to move this stuff around on her own. She lives on a one acre plot of land so there's a fair amount of space for her to do her thing. I want an electric one because I don't want to have her worrying about gasoline and oil changes and winterizing and such, plus she doesn't need the noise of a gasoline engine. I have literally no idea where I would find such a beast, so I'm looking for help here.


1. Electric motor.
2. Four wheels, not three.
3. Trailer hitch. Alternately, a platform/carrying area built onto the vehicle.
4. Torquey enough to haul, say, 300 lbs (ish) of stuff (maybe needs a "low gear"?).
5. Forward and reverse gears.
6. Needs to be able to comfortably traverse a typical New Jersey suburban lawn. No radical grades or extreme terrain. The worst it would experience is maybe some mud when it rains.

Any leads on where to find such a vehicle would be appreciated. I've tried a number of Google searches to no great success.
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Hope you have a deep wallet...but heres a couple that came up on an "electric atv" search...
X-Treme Scooters | XA-750 Electric ATV

ZAP Dude Electric ATV | ZAP Electric Cars | Green Electric Car | Electric Scooters

I'm sure you aren't really looking for that type of machine...what about an electric cart?
Neuton Battery Lawn Mowers - Neuton Garden Cart
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Sounds like a golf cart to me. I'll skip the line by line, but I think it will handle the job.

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oh yea

I bought my Mom & Dad a dixie chopper. At times an up-grade is good.
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That Neuton cart looks like an even better option. Thanks!

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