Generator won't start


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Generator won't start

I've got a fairly new EasternTools TG4000 portable generator that just won't start, after sitting unused all winter. It's only logged about 4 hours total use, back in October. Actually I did finally get it started once, but it won't start agein.

When I took it out of storage I changed the oil, cleaned the air filter, siphoned all the old gas out of the tank and replaced with fresh gas and Sta-Bil. I don't know if this is important but: When I went to change the oil I just dumped the thing on its side and let the oil drain out of the filler hole. It still had a full tank of gas at the time. Oops.

It wouldn't turn over at all, not even for a few seconds. After 10 mins I was about to give up when it finally started. Woo hoo. Ran flawlessly. I let it run for over 2 hours to work out all the gunk.

I stopped it and attempted to start it again after a few mins. Nothing. Argh. Maybe it's all in my head, but the rope pull now seems a _lot_ tighter in a certain place than it was this morning. Dunno.

I plan to try the following this evening:
- Remove spark plug and clean
- Try starting fluid
- Clean fuel sediment cup

Any other things I should be trying at this stage? If I happen to get lucky and get it started again, should I add some carb cleaner fuel additive?

Thanks in advance!
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Check the air filter and filter housing to make sure it isn't soaked with oil from when it was tipped.
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It was soaked with oil alright, but not because of the tipping. Because of my own stupidity. I did take the air filter off but it still didn't want to start for quite a while.

It's running now, still _very_ hard to start but hey it's working so I can't complain. Spark plug gap was good, plug itself seemed in ok condition.

Running some Sea Foam through the thing now just for good measure. I may just have to accept that this thing is going to be hard starting, and requires a magic touch on the choke.

By the way, managed to really screw up my shoulder trying to start it -- when the cord gets to the compression stroke it really wants to lock up. Seems to me that a healthy 30something man shouldn't get injured just starting his genset! LOL.
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Any residual should have burned out of the cylinder but it still may not hurt to remove the spark plug and turn the engine over several times to make sure there is no oil in the cylinder creating a hydraulic lock.

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