Honda HR214


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Honda HR214

Just had motor rebuilt. It runs great. New rings and no more smoke. Problem is when the guy put it back together the blade clutch doesn't work the way it used to. It should start up and not engage the blade until the handle is depressed. Now the starter rope will not turn the engine with the clutch handle up. It will start if you depress the clutch handle and hold it in before you pull the starter. However, when it does start the blade is engaged. When I attempted to tighten the cable to the clutch it still didn't seem to help. The cable adjustment appears to be in the same general position that ist was before the rebuild. Does anyone have an idea how I correct the problem? I love the mower and have had it since 1988. Thanks - Mark
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Sounds like the bbc was not reassembled properly.
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Can you take it back & explain it to him?? If he isn't familiar with the Honda system, he may have thought it should work like a regular mower & not start with the handle released..Sounds like he did a good job, but maybe he did something to make it not start with the handle released like most mowers we see.. Check with him first, Roger

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