Lawn tractor transmission problem...


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Lawn tractor transmission problem...

Hello. I have a 13 HP Yard Machine lawn tractor I purchased new about 7 years ago. While pulling my heavily loaded utility trailer recenty, the tractor (in 3rd gear) simply stopped (the transmission locked up and the engine shut off. Of course, now I can't start it as it's still in gear. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get it in Neutral - I move the shifter into Neutral, but it doesn't take the tractor out of gear.
Dave in Georgia
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If it won't shift out of gear while rocking the mower back and forth, it probably has internal damage in the tranny and may require disassembly to repair.
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I would disengage the engine drive and the cutting deck belts. Turn your ignition switch to the on position. Using a battery jumper cable I would attach the positive battery terminal to the starter. When or if the engine starts remove the jumper cable quickly. If you've started then the motor is good.

Use your automoble car jack and raise the rear end of the tractor off the ground. The tires simply have to be off the ground. Remove your battery and you should obtain access to your transmission pulley. Try turning the pulley using a socket set clockwise and then counter-clockwise.

If you had good movement then reconnect the drive belt but not the deck. Start the engine the conventional way without the jumper cable.

If everything has worked so far, you're back in business and you can reconnect your deck belt. If things didn't go to well then you have a tranny problem.
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Lawn tractor transmission problem...

I had a very simular problem yesterday with my tractor, I cleaned the brake system and was able to turn the drive pully by hand and the tranny released, but by this time the tranny was already junk.

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