Murray Rider bad ignition switch-Hotwire info


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Murray Rider bad ignition switch-Hotwire info

I have a Murray lawn tractor 46" cut and 3 blades. The ignition switch is wallowed out so the key or screwdriver does not work any more. It has 5 posts on the back that are close together and one off to the side which I imagine is the ground since that was a separate wire. Don't really want to buy a switch as the tractor is old but still runs good. How do I hotwire the thing? The lights are long gone so I expect the only other connections that are still good is the safety cut off switch stuff that is under the seat. Just noticed that stamped on the posts that are close together are the letter L,S,B,G and the fifth one is all rusted up. So I am guessing it is not used. So I am assuming the S would be the post for the starter? Should I pull that wire out of the plastic connector and then use it for the hotwire? Obviously at this point I have no idea what I am doing! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Why not just buy a new switch? An aftermarket switch runs about $10.
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No doubt... You can't just touch 2 wires together to do this. You're going to have to have a combination of push button and toggle switches to do it, which will cost more and create more work then just picking up a new switch.
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Post back with the model number of the tractor and I can provide you with the part number of the correct switch.

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