Kohler Command turns over and backfires but won't start


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Kohler Command turns over and backfires but won't start

I have a ten year old Dixon ZTR with a Kohler Command engine. Have used three times this season but now it fails to start. Have a new plug and have confirmed spark, cleaned out carburetor de-gunked engine and controls. It seemed to eject about a tablespoon of oil and dirt from the bottom of the engine when the problem started. The oil level in the crankcase is normal. Is this a compression problem? Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer.
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Low compression in itself wouldn't cause the backfiring, but it can cause a no start.

However, when you have low compression it is often caused by the valves not closing properly and that can cause the backfiring, either through the exhaust or the carburetor.

A flooded condition can also cause the backfiring and the no start. You might try spinning the engine over about ten times with the spark plug out and the throttle at full open. That will get rid of the gas in the combustion chamber and may get you going.

Another possibility is a sheared flywheel key that is causing a problem with ignition timing.
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I'll check those two things out and get back to you. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Kohler Command Engine No Start Backfire Runs Poorly

Check out the steel woodruff key between the crankshaft and flywheel hub. Occasionally, the Command engine while shutting down likes to rotate backwards before coming to a complete stop and there by jolting the flywheel hard enough on the crankshaft to shear the woodruff key. This may cause a loss of power or even a no start situation. You can verify this by shinning a flashlight down into the center of the flywheel hub after the bolt and washer have been removed.

Hope this helps you out,

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